GOFARR is an organization dedicated to supporting cutting edge research at The Saban Research Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Our GOFARR funds are being used to support Organ Regenerative Research and Cell Therapeutic applications affecting the kidney. Also, we were honored to learn that the CHLA lab where such research is being pursued has now been named the GOFARR Lab.

Over the last decade, Regenerative Medicine has taken center stage concerning the treatment of many diseases and aims to restore or enhance tissue and organ function in the face of disease. The GOFARR Lab has been successful in recreating a variety of organs and continues to refine these technologies so that bioengineered organs can evolve to become a viable option for patients facing transplants in the future. This research along with the utilization of amniotic stem cells to treat both acute and chronic kidney disease, are the cornerstone of the scientific effort at the GOFARR Lab.

GOFFAR began when our son was born with kidney disease. He is one of thousands of children in the country living with a condition that will almost certainly lead to chronic kidney failure and ultimately dialysis and/or a kidney transplant. When we learned about our sons diagnosis, we decided to turn a challenging situation into a positive one, establishing the GOFARR Fund.

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