Photos of the Hemo Dialysis Center

Part of GOFARR’s mission is to improve conditions and care for patients immediately — not at some indistinct or hazy date in the future. With that goal in mind, GOFARR will soon begin updating the Dialysis Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Our changes will improve the Center’s aesthetics and comfort, bringing it up to the contemporary and appealing level of the rest of the Hospital.

We will post photos periodically of the transition as it is under way.

Until then, here are some images showing the current state of the Center. It’s okay, but GOFARR will make it a whole lot better!

Construction starts 10/29 ….. YIPEE!

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  1. Jennifer Peltz says:

    Wow, the website looks great guys! So proud of you and all your devotion to this incredible organization!

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